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About Us

Wellbeing is not a one-size-fits-all concept. For all our projects we want to be able to curate the most authentic guest wellbeing experiences, so to realise this we have the ability to draw upon the wealth of experience and knowledge from our team of specialist experts.  They will be dedicated to crafting those exceptional, personalised experiences that will help your guests find their own way to wellbeing. 

Meet the Core Team

Julie Wren

Founder: Julie Wren

Julie is an experienced consultant and passionate wellbeing advocate, nutritionist and health coach offering transformative wellbeing solutions for hotels, spas & wellness centres so guests and staff can lead their best healthiest, happiest lives. 
She uses all her 30+ years of experience and expertise gained in the wellness world to design journeys to meet the uniqueness of the businesses and their guests, that are based on cohesive, practical and achievable results-driven actions.
She is skilled in Training, Coaching, and Organisational Development, is an accomplished professional with a Diploma in Biomedecine, Human Sciences and Naturopathic Nutrition.  She is also a Leonardo3.4.5 accredited facilitator.

Gary Boyer

Business Development Manager: Gary Boyer

Gary is a highly experienced travel industry professional with a 30+ years interest in high-end hospitality and has worked within one of the UK’s leading luxury travel companies. He has forged tremendous relationships with hotels across Europe and beyond, always with an enthusiastic approach. Engagement with hotel management and owners has ensured ambitions are met through the enhancement of customer satisfaction levels and the achievement of positive commercial outcomes.

Meet some of the Hub’s Key Specialist Advisors

Our team of specialist advisors comprises seasoned experts from diverse fields within the wellness industry and human development profession. From holistic health coaches, nutritionists and yoginis to mental health professionals, spiritual guides and change management specialists.
Depending on the scope of the project we can also draw upon our rich networks to assemble a collective of specialists to help curate the experiences whether it's a rejuvenating retreat, a mindfulness workshop, building a sensory room, touchless therapy space, or a fitness-focused adventure.

Carly Chamberlain

Carly Chamberlain Founder of the I AM WELLness™ Method, Holistic Health Educator & Events Organiser, Author, Wellness Writer & Broadcaster

Carly is a self-motivated, client-focused professional within the complementary health and spa space. She is the creative lead in wellness retreats, spa training & treatment design, and is a multi-disciplinary therapist and yogi, bringing self-development solutions online, on air and in-person. She has 15 years of professional experience in holistic health consulting, spa & wellness and has travelled extensively during which time she learned many traditional healing practices and science-based systems.

Sonia Cruz

Sonía Cruz Oro: Transformational Travel Coach, Psychologist, NLP Master Practitioner  & Author

Sonía is the founder of Travel Awakens and creator of the Journeys of Self-discovery™ programme.  Travel has the potential to be a transformative experience, and Sonía understands that better than anyone. With her wealth of experience, she can ensure that the experiences she is involved in creating can become a catalyst for personal growth.

Yves Miserez

Yves Miserez: Change Leader & Enabler, Leadership Development

Yves is the founder of Optima Facto.  He is an energetic and influential leadership coach and leadership development expert who believes strongly in complementarity and teaming. With over 20 years of experience in group facilitation, Yves has contributed to the personal and professional growth of thousands of professionals. He is passionate about helping individuals and groups, both online and offline, to lead teams and effectively communicate with different kinds of stakeholders. He is certified in the LP³-leadership development model, strategic roll-out and is also a certified trainer and coach in the Leonardo3.4.5 model.